My father introduced me to computers at a very early age. I spent countless hours drawing abstract lines on Microsoft Paint using his server sized grey tower. Since then I’ve had a growing passion for creativity and technology. When I was at school I would spend my free time creating what I thought at the time were hilarious parodies of big brands logos (still using Microsoft Paint).

During my time at university, I began to channel my creative side into something more tangible. I began to create material to market my rugby team, friend’s businesses and Student Union campaigns. As I moved into working life, the rise of Social Media opened huge avenues for marketing and communication. I began to explore these starting with Facebook and Twitter and in more recent years platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube that have now become staples for business to advertise themselves and communicate with their consumers. The more I used these platforms for personal and business life, I started to realise how different each one is and that the same message must be sent out in very different ways through each platform.

I love getting to know and understand people’s visions and coming up with creative ways of getting those messages across to people. I truly believe that we are so lucky to be able to take advantage of the freedom of communication that we have available to us now. There are no barriers stopping you getting your message out there. If you have a good product and you put the effort into letting people know, you will succeed. 10 years ago people would spend thousands of pounds putting together a video advert, now we can do one with our mobile devices then upload it and share it with more people than ever before.


I love to travel. When I was a child I was lucky enough to have been taken on some amazing trips with my family across the globe. When I was about 18 I began my own travelling adventures by myself and with friends. I constantly have the debate of visiting a completely new place or going back to a place that I loved on my previous travels for the next one on my list.

Again technology has made things hugely more accessible for travelling. Now I can book flights and accommodation cheaply and easily as well as using social media to talk to local people for travelling advice. My smart phone now lets me connect to local wifi and even use GPS in foreign lands getting me out of some sticky situations in the past. Travelling and experiencing very different mindsets and cultures helps stimulate and influence my creative ideas and has a huge impact on my work. Technology also allows me to take my work with me and connect with people across the globe which again I am incredibly grateful for.

I would like to re-emphasise how lucky we are to be around at this part of the worlds existence. Some people will tell you that the youth has no manners or social skills. That the internet has destroyed our relationships. People will share messages like “Born too late to explore the world but too early to explore the universe”. Well let me tell you, people have been saying this about the younger generations for ever. People said that the television would destroy our families. People who complain about being born at the wrong time are the same people who will always find an excuse as to why they never succeed. And ain’t nobody got time for that kind of negativity. Enjoy what you have whilst it’s here and if in doubt, DO.