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Who am I?

Alex Ledine

Creative Communicator

I'm a naturally creative person who enjoys helping other people get their vision accross to the world. I love coming up with new and original ways to help people communicate with their audience. In this world of "right here, right now" culture, it is important to grab peoples attention quickly as their time is limited but the storytelling of your brand has the same importance as it ever has.


  • Surviving Coronavirus: Morning Routine

    Surviving Coronavirus: Morning Routine

    For those who don't know, I've been working remotely for a couple of years now so I know a thing or two from working from my home. Considering the current situation, a few of you might benefit from the key things I have learnt working from home over these past …Read More »
  • Why I spend money on experiences and not things

    Why I spend money on experiences and not things

    This has always been a funny one for me because I never really thought about it. In fact I kind of thought the opposite of what the reality is. I’ve always found myself finding the money to travel, whatever my situation. Whether it’s saving or going ultra-budget. I’m always someone …Read More »