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Freedom of location. Be your own boss. It isn’t easy but its achievable. If you want it, you need to take it. Now is the time. Start to scale your business with my help: e-commerce web page, professional logo, email, packaging design and social media strategy.
Perception is key.
15 sales per month
100+ sales per month
You may have a great product. But if it looks cheap, people are going to think it’s cheap. One of the strategies I’ve found that works for physical products is instead of decreasing the price to match competition, actually increasing it. Of course this doesn’t work if your product looks cheap and doesn’t stand out from the crowd.
Look premium.
$0.30/unit packaging
$3.39 profit per unit
$1.30/unit packaging
$11.39 profit per unit
Stand out. Packaging is a very underrated way of adding value to our product. Sometimes we don’t even need to increase the price of the packaging to make it look premium. Other times the increase in cost for packaging is made back tenfold in terms of final profit.
Make it easy.
People are lazy. And we want things in our own time. We like to browse and choose for ourselves. An online e-commerce store with all of your premium looking products is going to allow your consumer to do just that. Selling through Facebook and Instagram is okay, but you’re going to need a store to scale.
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How to work with me. I only work on projects that I believe in, so before we go any further it’s best to chat about your product and current business and see how we can grow together. Each project is unique so a combination of the services will be tailored to suit your business need and budget.
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