Surviving Coronavirus: Morning Routine

For those who don't know, I've been working remotely for a couple of years now so I know a thing or two from working from my home. Considering the current situation, a few of you might benefit from the key things I have learnt working from home over these past two years.

If you take one thing from my blogs let this be it: Have a morning routine. This will make or break your day. Some of you will have online meetings that you have to be at whilst others will have to organise their work schedule themselves. Either way, you need to get up and prepare. Waking up 5 minutes before a meeting and opening your laptop in bed may sound like a dream, but trust me it isn't. For one, you are almost guaranteed to fall asleep during that meeting and even if you stay awake it's going to be a waste of time.

So what should your morning routine consist of? That, of course, depends on you as a person and your situation but here are a few things that I do to have a successful day:

Make your bed

This is especially important for those of you who are working from your bedroom or have a studio apartment which I often do. Having an untidy room and unmade bed where you are working really messes with your head. Sounds simple but making your bed is the simplest of tasks that anyone can achieve, being successful in this task sets you up for a successful day. Listen to this guy if you don't believe me:

Meditation and Yoga

This is incredibly important for you mind and body and some of you are going to have that tested in the coming weeks. We are in a tough situation and even people who have a strong resolve are having trouble adapting to the situation we are finding ourselves in. Don't worry you're not alone. Spending 10 minutes meditating or some time stretching out your body will put you in a MUCH more positive state of mind to deal with the day. Here is a morning yoga routine you can follow along to. It isn't exactly what I do but quite similar. I may post a video of my yoga at some point:

When I meditate I like to listen to guided meditation audio which you can find on many apps including Spotify, but here is a youtube video to follow:

Mug of hot water

This serves two purposes. Firstly if hydrates my body and wakes up my organs making me feel like I am waking up from the inside. Secondly, it is a ritual that I look forward to after I have already completed my first to tasks of the day. It gives me time to relax and think about how I am going to accomplish during the day. I don;t like to have coffee first thing in the morning but often put some ginger, honey and or lemon as it is supposed to help digestion. (Even if it doesn't it tastes good!)

Work tasks for the day

Each day I focus on 2 main tasks that I have for the day. I already have a to-do list with many tasks on there so I will read through them and select the two most important for the day. The two tasks that I feel even if I don't achieve anything else the day will have been a success. I read over these and imagine completing them. This is a tip I picked up from "The four hour work week" by Tim Ferris. This is a bible to those of us who work remotely and I really recommend you read it. Here is an audiobook version for those who prefer it:

And that's it! The morning's over, the day is in full swing. I don't always manage to tick off each one but the more I do the more productive I find myself.

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